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X. Xu et al. 2002

Full reference
X. Xu, Y.-N. Cheng, X.-L. Wang and C.-H. Chang. 2002. An unusual oviraptorosaurian dinosaur from China. Nature 419:291-293 [M. Carrano/M. Carrano/M. Carrano]
ID number:  12907
Created:  2005-03-15 14:17:22
Modified:  2005-03-16 09:17:26
Project name:  ETE
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Taxonomic opinions (2) - view classification
'Incisivosaurus gauthieri belongs to Incisivosaurus' according to X. Xu et al. 2002
'Incisivosaurus belongs to Oviraptorosauria' according to X. Xu et al. 2002
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