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E. Hitchcock 1848

Taxonomic opinions tied to this reference:
Aethyopus belongs to Struthionidae
Aethyopus minor belongs to Aethyopus
Ancyropus belongs to Chelonia
Anisopus belongs to Batrachia
Anisopus gracilis belongs to Anisopus
Anomoepus belongs to Batrachia
Argozoum belongs to Grallatores
Argozoum minimum belongs to Argozoum
Brontozoum belongs to Struthionidae
Harpedactylus belongs to Lacertilia
Helcura belongs to Chelonia
Helcura littoralis belongs to Helcura
Hoplichnus belongs to Batrachia
Macropterna belongs to Lacertilia
Ornithichnites cuneatus is a subjective synonym of Brontozoum sillimanium
Ornithichnites diversus is a subjective synonym of Steropezoum elegans
Ornithichnites palmatus is a subjective synonym of Macropterna recta
Ornithoidichnites danae is a subjective synonym of Ornithopus adamsanus
Ornithoidichnites fulicoides is a subjective synonym of Aethyopus minor
Ornithopus belongs to Aves
Otozoum belongs to Batrachia
Otozoum moodii belongs to Otozoum
Palamopus belongs to Batrachia
Platypterna belongs to Grallatores
Plectropus belongs to Struthionidae
Polemarchus belongs to Lacertilia
Sauroidichnites jacksoni is a subjective synonym of Ancyropus heteroclitus
Sauroidichnites tenuissimus is a subjective synonym of Harpedactylus gracilis
Steropezoum belongs to Grallatores
Triaenopus belongs to Lacertilia
Typopus abnormis belongs to Typopus
Xiphopeza belongs to Lacertilia