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A. B. Doweld 2001

Taxonomic opinions tied to this reference:
Arberiaceae belongs to Arberiales
Arberiales belongs to Arberiopsida
Archaeopteridophyta is a subjective synonym of Aneurophytophyta
Autuniaceae belongs to Peltaspermales
Bryobiotina belongs to Tracheophyta
Calamitales belongs to Calamitopsida
Cardiolepis is laced by Angaropeltis
Cardiolepis sentjakensis is an objective synonym of Angaropeltis sentjakense
Cardiolepis sentjakensis belongs to Cardiolepis according to Doweld 2001
Cingulariaceae belongs to Calamitales
Cordaitopsida belongs to Pinophyta
Crossozamiaceae belongs to Cycadales
Cycadaceae belongs to Cycadales
Cycadales belongs to Cycadopsida
Cycadophyta belongs to Cycadophytanae
Cycadopsida belongs to Cycadophyta
Dioaceae belongs to Dioales
Dioales belongs to Cycadopsida
Dioon belongs to Dioaceae
Filicopsida is a subjective synonym of Pteridopsida
Ginkgoopsida belongs to Ginkgophyta
Glossopteridaceae is a subjective synonym of Dictyopteridiaceae
Glossopteridopsida is a subjective synonym of Dictyopteridiopsida
Gnetophyta belongs to Cycadophytanae
Gnetopsida belongs to Gnetophyta
Isoetophytina belongs to Isoetophyta
Karkeniaceae belongs to Karkeniales
Otoviciaceae belongs to Walchiales
Palissyales belongs to Voltziopsida
Parthaceae belongs to Lidgettoniales
Pinales belongs to Pinopsida
Pinophyta belongs to Cycadophytanae
Pinopsida belongs to Pinophyta
Podocarpopsida belongs to Pinophyta
Polypodiophyta is a subjective synonym of Pteridophyta
Polypodiopsida is a subjective synonym of Pteridopsida
Psilophytanae is a misspelling of Psylophytanae
Psilophyton belongs to Psilophytaceae
Pteridopsida belongs to Pteridophyta
Rhyniaceae belongs to Rhyniales
Rhyniales belongs to Rhyniopsida
Rhyniophyta belongs to Psylophytanae
Rhyniopsida belongs to Rhyniophyta
Rufloriaceae is a subjective synonym of Vojnovskyaceae
Steloxylaceae belongs to Steloxylales
Taxopsida belongs to Pinophyta
Tracheophyta belongs to Plantae
Trimerophytales is a subjective synonym of Psilophytales
Trimerophytophyta is a subjective synonym of Psilophytophyta
Trimerophytopsida is a subjective synonym of Psilophytopsida
Ullmanniales belongs to Voltziopsida
Vojnovskyales belongs to Arberiopsida
Voltziaceae belongs to Voltziales
Voltziales belongs to Voltziopsida
Voltziopsida belongs to Pinophyta