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Avicula Bruguière 1791 (pearl oyster)

Bivalvia - Ostreida - Pteriidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 84043

Parent taxon: Pteriidae according to R. Tate 1886

Sister taxa: Actinopterinia, Arcavicula, Austropteria, Confusionella, Dattinae, Electroma, Eopinctada, Limopteria, Phelopteria, Pinctada, Pseudaucella, Pterelectroma, Pteria, Pteriinae, Pterinellinae, Pteroperna, Ptychopterinia, Rhaetavicula, Rhynchopterus, Somapteria, Stefaninia, Triaxus

Subtaxa: Avicula (Oxytoma), Avicula aculeata, Avicula aequivalvis, Avicula alternans, Avicula arcoidea, Avicula arcuata, Avicula aspera, Avicula atlantica, Avicula azzarola, Avicula bifrons, Avicula bittneri, Avicula boeckhi, Avicula bronni, Avicula carinthiaca, Avicula cassiana, Avicula caudata, Avicula caudataeformis, Avicula cingulata, Avicula cortinensis, Avicula cosmeta, Avicula crispata, Avicula dalailamae, Avicula decipiens, Avicula depressa, Avicula deshayesi, Avicula difficilis, Avicula dunkeri, Avicula eximia, Avicula falcata, Avicula frechii, Avicula gainsana, Avicula gallensteini, Avicula gea, Avicula gessneri, Avicula geyeri, Avicula glaberrima, Avicula globulus, Avicula gregaria, Avicula hofmanni, Avicula homfrayi, Avicula insolita, Avicula janiriformis, Avicula kautzkyi, Avicula keyserlingi, Avicula kokeni, Avicula kutassyi, Avicula laczkoi, Avicula launsdorfiensis, Avicula lineata, Avicula loomisi, Avicula lorata, Avicula mucronata, Avicula muensteri, Avicula nitida, Avicula nodosa, Avicula obtusa, Avicula pannonica, Avicula pellucida, Avicula plicatostriata, Avicula problematica, Avicula prosslinensis, Avicula pseudofrederici, Avicula roguensis, Avicula salomoni, Avicula seisiana, Avicula soperi, Avicula stachii, Avicula sturi, Avicula sturoides, Avicula tarentina, Avicula tofanae, Avicula trigonata, Avicula zeuschneri

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Type: Cassianella gryphaeata

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder