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M. Ruta et al. 2003

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M. Ruta, M. I. Coates, and D. L. J. Quicke. 2003. Early tetrapod relationships revisited. Biological Reviews 78(2):251-345 [J. Mueller/T. Liebrecht/T. Liebrecht]
ID number:  28413
Created:  2008-11-07 09:00:41
Modified:  2008-11-08 04:01:02
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic opinions (28) - view classification
'Amniota was reranked as a unranked clade and belongs to Cotylosauria' according to M. Ruta et al. 2003
'Archegosaurus austriacus belongs to Archegosaurus' according to Makowsky 1876
'Baphetes kirkbyi belongs to Baphetes' according to Watson 1929
'Brachydectes elongatus belongs to Brachydectes' according to Wellstead 1991
'Brachydectes newberryi belongs to Brachydectes' according to E. D. Cope 1868
'Branchiosaurus credneri belongs to Branchiosaurus' according to Bulman and Whittard 1926
'Broiliellus brevis belongs to Broiliellus' according to Carroll 1964
'Bruktererpeton fiebigi belongs to Bruktererpeton' according to J. Boy and K. Bandel 1973
'Caerorhachis bairdi belongs to Caerorhachis' according to Holmes and Carroll 1977
'Crassigyrinus scoticus belongs to Crassigyrinus' according to Watson 1929
'Dolichopareias disjectus belongs to Dolichopareias' according to Watson 1928
'Ecolsonia cutlerensis belongs to Ecolsonia' according to Vaughn 1969
'Eoherpeton watsoni belongs to Eoherpeton' according to A. L. Panchen 1975
'Eoscopus lockardi belongs to Eoscopus' according to Daly 1994
'Ichthyostega stensioei belongs to Ichthyostega' according to Save-Soderbergh 1932
'Kotlassia prima belongs to Kotlassia' according to Amalitzky 1898
'Melanerpeton tenerum belongs to Melanerpeton' according to Bulman and Whittard 1926
'Neldasaurus wrightae belongs to Neldasaurus' according to J. Chase 1965
'Octagomphus woodi belongs to Octagomphus' according to Beaumont 1977
'Panderichthys rhombolepis belongs to Panderichthys' according to Gross 1941
'Pholiderpeton scutigerum belongs to Pholiderpeton' according to Huxley 1863
'Pygopterus scutellatus is recombined as Colosteus scutellatus' according to M. Ruta et al. 2003
'Raniceps lyelli belongs to Raniceps' according to Wyman 1858
'Sauropleura pectinata belongs to Sauropleura' according to E. D. Cope 1868
'Schoenfelderpeton prescheri belongs to Schoenfelderpeton' according to Boy 1986
'Scincosaurus crassus belongs to Scincosaurus' according to Fric 1876
'Tulerpeton curtum belongs to Tulerpeton' according to Lebedeu 1984
'Ventastega curonica belongs to Ventastega' according to P. E. Ahlberg et al. 1994