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F. Kobayashi and D. Altiner 2008

Full reference
F. Kobayashi and D. Altiner. 2008. Fusulinoidean Faunas from the Upper Carboniferous and Lower Permian Platform Limestone in the Hadim Area, Central Taurides, Turkey. Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia 114:191-232 [M. Clapham/M. Clapham/M. Clapham]
ID number:  36750
Created:  2011-07-21 07:15:56
Modified:  2011-07-21 07:43:03
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (70)
Alveolina prisca, Boultonia cheni, Chusenella karatchatyrica, Daixina asiatica, Daixina minima, Darvasites contractus, Dutkevichia complicata, Eoparafusulina brevis, Eoparafusulina ferganica, Fusiella lancetiformis, Fusulina complicata, Fusulina contractus, Fusulina longissima, Fusulina montipara, Fusulina montiparus, Fusulina prisca, Fusulina robusta, Fusulina simplex, Fusulinacea, Fusulinoidea, Jigulites, Jigulites formosus, Montiparus, Montiparus paramontiparus, Occidentoschwagerina kokpectensis, Ozawainella rhomboidalis, Parafusulina ferganica, Paraschwagerina kokpectensis, Paraschwagerina pseudomira, Pseudofusulina cumbani, Pseudofusulina cushmani, Pseudofusulina pseudogregaria, Pseudofusulina stabilis, Pseudoschwagerina globosa, Pseudoschwagerina nucleota, Pseudoschwagerina ozguli, Pseudoschwagerina regularis, Pseudoschwagerina robusta, Quasifusulina longissima, Quasifusulina nimia, Quasifusulinoides parafusiformis, Rauserites, Rauserites sinuosus, Robustoschwagerina hadimensis, Robustoschwagerina nucleolata, Robustoschwagerina regularis, Rugosochusenella karatchatyrica, Rugosochusenella pseudogregaria, Rugosochusenella shagoniensis, Rugosofusilina, Rugosofusilina prisca, Rugosofusulina, Rugosofusulina prisca, Rugosofusulina stabilis, Schubertella australis, Schubertella donetzica, Schubertella kingi, Schwagerina cushmani, Schwageriniformis, Schwageriniformis asiaticus, Schwageriniformis schwageriniformis, Triticites (Jigulites) formosus, Triticites (Montiparus), Triticites (Montiparus) paramontiparus, Triticites asiaticus, Triticites gissaricus, Triticites pseudosimplex, Triticites schwageriniformis, Triticites simplex, Triticites stuckenbergi
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