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S. P. Welles 1962

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S. P. Welles. 1962. A new species of elasmosaur from the Aptian of Colombia and a review of the Cretaceous plesiosaurs. University of California Publications in Geological Sciences 44(1):1-96 [R. Benson/R. Benson]
ID number:  37567
Created:  2011-09-10 03:10:44
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (70)
Alzadasaurinae, Alzadasaurus colombiensis, Aptychodon cretaceus, Callawayasaurus colombiensis, Callawayasaurus columbiensis, Cimoliasaurus caudalis, Cimoliasaurus planior, Cimoliasaurus teplicensis, Cimoliosaurus smithi, Crocodilus neogaeus, Cryptocleidus cuervoi, Cryptocleidus cuervoi caroli, Cryptocleidus cuervoi quesadai, Discosaurus planior, Elasmosaurinae, Elasmosaurus amalitskii, Elasmosaurus gigas, Elasmosaurus haasti, Elasmosaurus helmersenii, Elasmosaurus kurskensis, Elasmosaurus orskensis, Elasmosaurus serdobensis, Metriorhynchus potens, Nothosaurops occiduus, Nothosaurus occiduus, Orophosaurus pauciporus, Piptomerus hexagonus, Piptomerus megaloporus, Piptomerus microporus, Piratosaurus plicatus, Plesiosaurus (Polyptychodon) mexicanus, Plesiosaurus andium, Plesiosaurus continuus, Plesiosaurus cycnodeirus, Plesiosaurus euryspondylus, Plesiosaurus gigas, Plesiosaurus gulo, Plesiosaurus helmersenii, Plesiosaurus mexicanus, Plesiosaurus microdeirus, Plesiosaurus mudgei, Plesiosaurus neogaeus, Plesiosaurus nordmanni, Plesiosaurus ophiodeirus, Plesiosaurus planus trigonalis, Plesiosaurus platydeirus, Plesiosaurus platydeirus, Plesiosaurus poecilospondylus, Plesiosaurus smithi, Plesiosaurus smithii, Pliosaurus planus, Polycotylus balticus, Polycotylus brevispondylus, Polycotylus donicus, Polycotylus epigurgitis, Polycotylus ichthyospondylus, Polycotylus ichthyospondylus tanais, Polycotylus orientalis, Polycotylus ultimus, Polyptychodon continuus, Polyptychodon mackesoni, Polyptychodon neocomiensis, Polyptychodon patagonicus, Purranisaurus potens, Stereosaurus cratynotus, Stereosaurus platyomus, Stereosaurus stenomus, Trinacromerum ichthyospondylus, Trinacromerum orientale, Trinacromerum ultimum
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