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A. P. Rasnitsyn 2004

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A. P. Rasnitsyn. 2004. Leposmatona, Caloneurida, Hypoperlida, Hemiptera, Palaeomanteida, Eoblattida, in Important new insect fossils from Carrizo Arroyo and the Permo-Carboniferous faunal boundary. In S. G. Lucas, K. E. Zeigler (eds.), Carboniferous-Permian transition, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin 25:215-246 [M. Clapham/J. Karr/M. Clapham]
ID number:  40066
Created:  2012-02-10 17:59:58
Modified:  2014-04-21 03:14:18
Publication type:  book/book chapter
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
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