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T. Setoguchi 1985

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T. Setoguchi. 1985. Kondous laventicus, a new ceboid primate from the Miocene of the La Venta, Colombia, South America. Folia Primatologica 44(2):96-101 [C. Jaramillo/M. Vallejo/A. Cardenas ]
ID number:  45187
Created:  2013-02-27 03:51:13
Modified:  2013-09-14 05:36:28
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Comments: A new genus and species of fossil primate, Kondous laventicus, part of the Miocene La Venta primate fauna of Colombia, South America, is described here for the first time. Screening at a new quarry within the Monkey Unit of the Honda Formation, the Kyoto Site, has revealed dental remains of this new form of a larged.sized ceboid. The La Venta vertebrate fauna is comparable to the Friasian Land Mammal Age, indicating a middle Miocene age. Biostratigraphic studies suggest a 13.6-15.2 Ma for the Friasian faunal zone. Kondous is most closely allied to extant spider monkeys, Ateles, providing the first fossil evidence of their phylogeny. It also implies a nearly three-fold discrepancy between the molecular and paleontological estimates of the age of the Ateles linage.
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'Kondous laventicus belongs to Kondous' according to T. Setoguchi 1985
'Kondous belongs to Atelinae' according to T. Setoguchi 1985
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