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L. C. Matten 1989

Full reference
L. C. Matten. 1989. A petrified lycopod from the Uppermost Devonian of Hook Head, County Wexford, Ireland. Bot. Gaz. 150:323-336 [W. DiMichele/W. DiMichele/M. Kosnik]
ID number:  4644
Created:  2002-03-04 16:40:29
Modified:  2002-03-05 00:40:29
Project name:  ETE 282
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Comments: ETE reference number 282
Taxonomic names (2)
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'Wexfordia hookense belongs to Wexfordia' according to L. C. Matten 1989
'Wexfordia belongs to Lycophyta' according to L. C. Matten 1989