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R. L. Carroll et al. 1998

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R. L. Carroll, K. A. Bossy, A. C. Milner, S. M. Andrews, and C. F. Wellstead. 1998. Handbuch der Palaoherpetologie / Encyclopedia of Paleoherpetology Teil 1 / Part 1 Lepospondyli: Microsauria, Nectridea, Lysorophia, Adelospondyli, Aistopoda, Acherontiscidae. 1-216 [G. Lloyd/G. Lloyd/E. Dunne]
ID number:  55379
Created:  2015-05-25 23:49:18
Modified:  2016-02-27 02:24:19
Publication type:  book
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
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