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M. T. Sanders et al. 2015

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M. T. Sanders, D. Merle, and L. Villier. 2015. The molluscs of the “Falunière” of Grignon (Middle Lutetian, Yvelines, France): quantification of lithification bias and its impact on the biodiversity assessment of the Middle Eocene of Western Europe. Geodiversitas 37(3):345-365 [P. Wagner/P. Wagner]
ID number:  58859
Created:  2016-04-12 11:57:31
Modified:  2016-04-13 02:57:31
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  none discussed
Language:  English
DOI:  10.5252/g2015n3a4
Taxonomic opinions (11) - view classification
'Archaenodon insolens is recombined as Achaenodon insolens' according to Stucky 1999
'Crenaturricula was reranked as Turricula (Crenaturricula) and belongs to Turricula' according to M. T. Sanders et al. 2015
'Marginella nipponica belongs to Marginella' according to Habe 1951
'Microvulina belongs to Marginellidae' according to Pacaud 1995
'Natica canaliculata belongs to Natica' according to Lamarck 1804
'Natica canaliculata is recombined as Amauropsina canaliculata' according to Bayle 1885
'Periaulax was reranked as Eumargarita (Periaulax) and belongs to Eumargarita' according to Cossmann and Pissarro 1902
'Pseudoliva (Fusopsis) canalifera belongs to Pseudoliva (Fusopsis)' according to Ravn 1939
'Pseudoliva (Fusopsis) belongs to Pseudoliva' according to Ravn 1939
'Solarium spiratum is recombined as Eumargarita (Periaulax) spirata' according to Cossmann and Pissarro 1902
'Turbo helicinus belongs to Turbo' according to Phipps 1774