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Draconomys Vucetich et al. 2010 (caviomorph)

Osteichthyes - Glires

PaleoDB taxon number: 335689

Full reference: M. G. Vucetich, E. C. Vieytes, M. E. Pérez and A. A. Carlini. 2010. The rodents from La Cantera and the early evolution of caviomorphs in South America. The Paleontology of Gran Barranca: Evolution and Environmental Change through the Middle Cenozoic of Patagonia 189-201

Parent taxon: Octodontoidea according to M. Arnal and M. G. Vucetich 2015

Sister taxa: Abrocomidae, Acarechimys, Acaremyidae, Adelphomys, Capromyidae, Caviocricetus, Changquin, Chasichimys, Ctenomyidae, Deseadomys, Dudumus, Echimyidae, Eodelphomys, Eoespina, Eosachacui, Eosallamys, Ethelomys, Eumysops, Kannabateomys, Lapazomys, Leucokephalos, Llitun, Loretomys, Marisela, Mayomys, Migraveramus, Myocastoridae, Neophanomys, Octodontidae, Paulacoutomys, Plesiacarechimys, Proechimys, Prospaniomys, Protacaremys, Protadelphomys, Sallamys, Sciamys, Selvamys, Spaniomys, Stichomys, Vallehermosomys, Willidewu, Xylechimys

Subtaxa: Draconomys verai

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Type: Draconomys verai

Ecology: scansorial insectivore