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Gorgansium yangi Yeh 1987 (radiolarian)

Radiolaria - Polycystina - Pantanelliidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 220017

Description: Text small, cortical shell subtriangular in outline, comprised of large pentagonal and hexagonal pore frames without prominent nodes at vertices. Six pore frames visible along AB and CD. Pore frames thin in Y and Z directions. Primary spines triradiate with three narrow round ed ridges alternating with three wide grooves, grooves about twice as wide as ridges. Two spines nearly equal in length, one spine slightly longer than the other two.

Remarks: Gorgansium yangi, is characterized by having a very small test with three primary spines nearly equal in length and about equal-distly spaced.

Etymology: This species is named for Mr. Qun Yang for his assisstance in the field.

Full reference: K. Y. Yeh. 1987. Taxonomic Studies of Lower Jurassic Radiolaria from East-Central Oregon. National Museum of Natural Science Special Publications 2:1-169

Belongs to Gorgansium according to K. Y. Yeh 1987

Sister taxa: Gorgansium alpinum, Gorgansium beaverense, Gorgansium blomi, Gorgansium browni, Gorgansium morganense, Gorgansium pulchrum, Gorgansium silviesense, Gorgansium steigeri, Gorgansium thayeri

Type specimen: NMNS (000031). Its type locality is Suplee-Izee area, OR-600M, which is in a Toarcian marine tuff/limestone in the Hyde Formation of Oregon.

Ecology: passively mobile planktonic omnivore