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Granastrapotherium snorki Johnson and Madden 1997 (placental)

Mammalia - Astrapotheria - Astrapotheriidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 268190

Full reference: S. E. Johnson and R. H. Madden. 1997. Uruguaytheriine Astrapotheres of Tropical South America. Vertebrate Paleontology in the Neotropics. The Miocene fauna of La Venta, Colombia 355-382

Belongs to Granastrapotherium according to S. E. Johnson and R. H. Madden 1997

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: UCMP 40358, a partial skull (Partial skull including the palate and basicranium preserving the complete upper dentition)

Ecology: cursorial herbivore

Average measurements (in mm): Astragalus 100.0 x 115.0, Bizygomatic width 430.0, Facial length length 305.0, Humerus 575.4 x 140.0, Humerus diameter 144.7, Humerus trochlea width 125.0, Lower canine diameter 35.8, Lower m2 66.2 x 36.0, Mandible width 55.5, Neurocranium length 250.0, Palatal width 159.7, Radius 435.0 x 86.3, Radius shaft width 49.7, Skull length 605.1, Skull Basilar length length 525.0, Tibia 484.0 x 132.9, Tooth length 60.0, Upper canine diameter 45.7