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Grandaurispina gibbosa Cooper and Grant 1975 (lamp shell)

Strophomenata - Productida - Linoproductidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 125875

Full reference: G. A. Cooper and R. E. Grant. 1975. Permian Brachiopods of West Texas, III. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology 19:795-1921

Belongs to Grandaurispina according to G. A. Cooper and R. E. Grant 1975

Sister taxa: Grandaurispina bella, Grandaurispina belliformis, Grandaurispina crassa, Grandaurispina elongata, Grandaurispina ghabaensis, Grandaurispina kingorum, Grandaurispina kozlowskiana, Grandaurispina meekana, Grandaurispina rara, Grandaurispina rudis, Grandaurispina signata, Grandaurispina undulata, Grandaurispina vaga, Grandaurispina vymensis

Type specimen: USNM 150004e, a shell (Articulated shell). Its type locality is USNM706b, Hess Canyon, Glass Mtns., which is in a Wordian offshore shelf packstone/wackestone in the Word Formation of Texas.

Ecology: stationary low-level epifaunal suspension feeder

Average measurements (in mm): valve 20.6 x 21.8