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Hercoglossa merriami Dickerson 1914 (nautiloid)

Cephalopoda - Nautilida - Hercoglossidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 127516

Full reference: R. E. Dickerson. 1914. Fauna of the Martinez Eocene of California. Bulletin of the Department of Geology, University of California 6:61-180

Belongs to Hercoglossa according to A. K. Miller 1947

Sister taxa: Hercoglossa asiatica, Hercoglossa danica, Hercoglossa diderrichi, Hercoglossa gardnerae, Hercoglossa harrisi, Hercoglossa indica, Hercoglossa madagascariensis, Hercoglossa majungaensis, Hercoglossa maracaiboensis, Hercoglossa mcglameryae, Hercoglossa orbiculata, Hercoglossa pavlowi, Hercoglossa peruviana, Hercoglossa popenoei, Hercoglossa rionegrensis, Hercoglossa romeroi, Hercoglossa simiensis, Hercoglossa splendens, Hercoglossa trichinopolitensis, Hercoglossa tuomeyi, Hercoglossa ulrichi, Hercoglossa utaturensis, Hercoglossa walteri, Hercoglossa waringi

Type specimen: UCMP 11842, a partial shell. Its type locality is UCMP 243, south of Muir Station, which is in a Selandian coastal siliciclastic in the Vine Hill Sandstone Formation of California.

Ecology: nektobenthic carnivore

Average measurements (in mm): shell width 75.1, shell diameter 121.0