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Idiognathodus cancellosus Gunnell 1933 (conodont)

Conodonta - Ozarkodinida - Idiognathodontidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 245455

Full reference: F. H. Gunnell. 1933. Conodonts and fish remains from the Cherokee, Kansas City, and Wabaunsee Groups of Missouri and Kansas. Journal of Paleontology 7(3):261-297

Belongs to Idiognathodus according to F. H. Gunnell 1933

Sister taxa: Idiognathodus biconvexus, Idiognathodus binodosus, Idiognathodus cariniferus, Idiognathodus cherryvalensis, Idiognathodus chiriformis, Idiognathodus cicatricosus, Idiognathodus clavatus, Idiognathodus confragus, Idiognathodus corrugatus, Idiognathodus cuneiformis, Idiognathodus erodus, Idiognathodus farrelli, Idiognathodus folium, Idiognathodus fusiformis, Idiognathodus gemmiformis, Idiognathodus harkeyi, Idiognathodus jugosus, Idiognathodus kansensis, Idiognathodus lanceolatus, Idiognathodus liratus, Idiognathodus lobatus, Idiognathodus megistus, Idiognathodus modulatus, Idiognathodus multinodosus, Idiognathodus nodostriatus, Idiognathodus porcatus, Idiognathodus rotundus, Idiognathodus rugulatus, Idiognathodus ruidus, Idiognathodus semipapulatus, Idiognathodus siculus, Idiognathodus simplex, Idiognathodus spathodus, Idiognathodus strigillatus, Idiognathodus sulciferus, Idiognathodus symmetricus, Idiognathodus vadosus, Idiognathodus walteri, Idiognathodus warei, Idiognathodus wintersetensis

Type specimen: Its type locality is 29th St. and Southwest Blvd, Galesburg shale, which is in a Kasimovian marine shale in the Galesburg Shale Formation of Missouri.

Ecology: nektonic carnivore