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Intornites mctaggarti McLearn 1946 (ceratite)

Cephalopoda - Ammonoidea - Longobarditidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 250357

Alternative combinations: Grambergia mctaggarti, Longobardites mctaggarti

Synonyms: Lenotropites larvalis McLearn 1948 (no. 338928), Longobardites larvalis McLearn 1948 (no. 250358)

Belongs to Intornites according to E. T. Tozer 1994

Sister taxa: Intornites canadensis, Intornites intornatus, Intornites nevadanus, Intornites oleshkoi, Intornites williamsi

Type specimens:

  • Intornites mctaggarti: GSC 6474
  • Longobardites larvalis: GSC 9583. Its type locality is GSC 10696, Alaska Highway, which is in a Bithynian marine siliciclastic in the Toad Formation of Canada.

Ecology: nektonic carnivore

Average measurements (in mm): shell width 11.5, shell diameter 28.9