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Palaeonucula lunulata Morningstar 1922 (nut clam)

Bivalvia - Nuculida - Nuculidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 350030

Alternative combination: Nucula lunulata

Full reference: H. Morningstar. 1922. Pottsville fauna of Ohio. Ohio Geological Survey Bulletin 25:1-312

Belongs to Palaeonucula according to P. J. Wagner 2020

Sister taxa: Nucula (Palaeonucula) cuneiformis, Nucula (Palaeonucula) putiensis, Nuculopsis (Palaeonucula) waltoni, Palaeonucula aldanensis, Palaeonucula biacuta, Palaeonucula hammeri, Palaeonucula misolensis, Palaeonucula navis, Palaeonucula prisca, Palaeonucula qingyanensis, Palaeonucula qujiangensis, Palaeonucula strigilata, Palaeonucula subobliqua, Palaeonucula subrotundata, Palaeonucula tulongensis

Type specimen: Its type locality is Sugar Camp Creek, Sharon Unit, Scioto, which is in a Morrowan coastal shale in Ohio

Ecology: facultatively mobile infaunal deposit feeder-suspension feeder