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Parallelodon tenuistriatus Meek and Worthen 1866 (clam)

Bivalvia - Arcida - Parallelodontidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 195848

Alternative combinations: Grammatodon tenuistriatus, Macrodon tenuistriatus

Belongs to Parallelodon according to K. Nakazawa and N.D. Newell 1968

Sister taxa: Parallelodon anaklastum, Parallelodon apenninicus, Parallelodon beyrichii, Parallelodon bimodoliratus, Parallelodon bittneri, Parallelodon brenensis, Parallelodon cancellosus, Parallelodon capillatus, Parallelodon carsulanus, Parallelodon comptus, Parallelodon corbina, Parallelodon datianensis, Parallelodon desioi, Parallelodon dickinsi, Parallelodon elongatum, Parallelodon groeberi, Parallelodon guizhouensis, Parallelodon hettangiensis, Parallelodon hirsonensis, Parallelodon hubeiensis, Parallelodon interrupta, Parallelodon jiaozishanensis, Parallelodon kingiana, Parallelodon laochangensis, Parallelodon latisinuatus, Parallelodon lianyuanensis, Parallelodon licharewi, Parallelodon longus, Parallelodon maxiai, Parallelodon minima, Parallelodon monobensis, Parallelodon multilamellatus, Parallelodon multistriatus, Parallelodon obsoletus, Parallelodon qinghaiensis, Parallelodon rectangulus, Parallelodon respectus, Parallelodon riccardii, Parallelodon rudis, Parallelodon rugosus, Parallelodon sangamonensis, Parallelodon striatus, Parallelodon subarguta, Parallelodon subtilistriatus, Parallelodon tectum, Parallelodon theodorensis, Parallelodon trapezium, Parallelodon trimuensis, Parallelodon uralicus, Parallelodon whitei, Parallelodon xijinwulanensis, Macrodon elongatus, Macrodon strigilatum, Macrodon formosum, Macrodon badiana, Macrodon klipsteini, Macrodon imbricarius, Macrodon rufae, Macrodon esinense, Macrodon geminum, Macrodon solitarius, Macrodon scaber, Macrodon elongatum, Macrodon punctata, Macrodon curionii, Macrodon subesinensis, Macrodon mediodepressum, Macrodon sturi, Macrodon juttensis

Ecology: facultatively mobile low-level epifaunal suspension feeder

Average measurements (in mm): valve length 26.6