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Polypsephis Hay 1899 (ray-finned fish)

Osteichthyes - Pycnodontiformes - Pycnodontidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 275578

Synonym: Microdon Agassiz 1843 [replaced name] (taxon 137614)

Full reference: O. P. Hay. 1899. On some changes in the names, generic and specific, of certain fossil fishes. The American Naturalist 33:783-792

Parent taxon: Pycnodontidae according to O. P. Hay 1899

Sister taxa: Abdobalistum, Acrotemnus, Anomoeodus, Athrodon, Callodus, Coccodus, Coelodus, Iemanja, Macromesodon, Micropycnodon, Neoproscinetes, Nonaphalagodus, Omphalodus, Paramicrodon, Proscincetes, Pycnodontinae, Pycnodus, Pycnomicrodon, Sphaerodus, Stemmatodus, Tepexichthys, Typodus, Uranoplosus, Xenopholis

Subtaxa: Microdon biserialis, Microdon discoides, Microdon nuchalis, Microdon penalvai, Microdon simplex

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Ecology: nektonic durophage-carnivore