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Polypterus faraou Otero et al. 2006

PaleoDB taxon number: 414426

Full reference: O. Otero, A. Likius, P. Vignaud and M. Brunet. 2006. A new polypterid fish: Polypterus faraou sp. nov. (Cladistia, Polypteridae) from the Late Miocene, Toros-Menalla, Chad. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 146:227-237

Belongs to Polypterus according to O. Otero et al. 2006

Sister taxon: Polypterus bichir

Type specimen: TM090-001-039, a skeleton. Its type locality is Toros-Menalla, which is in a Messinian lacustrine sandstone in Chad.