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Radiotrabeculopora perforatus Wu 1991 (sponge)

Disjectoporidae - Disjectoporidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 267061

Alternative combination: Gracilitubulus perforatus

Full reference: Y. S. Wu. 1991. Organisms and Communities of Permian Reef of Xiangbo, China 1-192

Belongs to Radiotrabeculopora according to C. W. Stearn 2010

Sister taxa: Radiotrabeculopora astrorhiza, Radiotrabeculopora circularis, Radiotrabeculopora concentrica, Radiotrabeculopora continua, Radiotrabeculopora deformis, Radiotrabeculopora discreta, Radiotrabeculopora elegans, Radiotrabeculopora maokoui, Radiotrabeculopora patula, Radiotrabeculopora reticulata, Radiotrabeculopora virga, Radiotrabeculopora xiangboensis

Type specimen: xb28-4-7

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder