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Rhabdostropha Donald 1905 (snail)

Gastropoda - Raphistomatidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 103260

Alternative spelling: Loxonema (Rhabdostropha)

Synonym: Kjerulfonema Peel and Yochelson 1976 (taxon 10012)

Full reference: J. G. Donald. 1905. Observations on some of the Loxonematidae, with descriptions of two species. Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London 61(5):564-566

Parent taxon: Omospirinae according to P. J. Wagner 2020

Sister taxa: Omospira, Spiroecus

Subtaxa: Rhabdostropha cancellata, Rhabdostropha grindrodii, Rhabdostropha latisinuata, Rhabdostropha leijiatunensis, Rhabdostropha minuta, Rhabdostropha obscura, Rhabdostropha primitiva, Rhabdostropha quinquecincta, Rhabdostropha stokei

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Type: Rhabdostropha grindrodii

Ecology: epifaunal