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Rhoipites baculatus Archangelsky 1973


PaleoDB taxon number: 252777

Full reference: S. Archangelsky. 1973. Palinología del Paleoceno de Chubut. I. Descripciones Sistemáticas. Ameghiniana 10(4):339-399

Belongs to Rhoipites according to L. R. Mautino and L. M. Anzótegui 2002

Sister taxa: Rhoipites alveolatus, Rhoipites bradleyi, Rhoipites cienagensis, Rhoipites cienaguensis, Rhoipites exiguus, Rhoipites fragilis, Rhoipites guianensis, Rhoipites hirtzi, Rhoipites hirtzii, Rhoipites hispidus, Rhoipites karamuensis, Rhoipites minusculus, Rhoipites paranaensis, Rhoipites romeroi, Rhoipites santafesii, Rhoipites squarrosus

Type specimen: Holotype: p.m. 1009; coord. 39.1/95.9. Stored at Museo de La Plata, Paleobotanical division., a microspore (Tricolporate pollen). Its type locality is Cerro Abigarrado, which is in a Paleocene terrestrial shale in the Salamanca Formation of Argentina.

Average measurements (in mm): Pollen grain diameter 0.026