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Schizopea normalis Ulrich et al. 1931 (snail)

Gastropoda - Eogastropoda - Sinuopeidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 58531

Alternative combination: Dirhachopea normalis

Synonyms: Dirhachopea corrugata Ulrich et al. 1931 (no. 73408), Dirhachopea intermedia Ulrich et al. 1931 (no. 73410), Schizopea corrugata Ulrich et al. 1931 (no. 78255), Schizopea intermedia Ulrich et al. 1931 (no. 78257)

Full reference: E. O. Ulrich, A. F. Foerste, and J. Bridge. 1931. Systematic Paleontology. Geology of the Eminence and Cardareva Quadrangles 186-225

Belongs to Schizopea according to P. J. Wagner 2020

Sister taxa: Schizopea abrupta, Schizopea dubia, Schizopea elevata, Schizopea grandis, Schizopea primordialis, Schizopea subrotunda, Schizopea transitans, Schizopea typica, Schizopea wanwanensis, Schizopea wanwankouensis, Schizopea washburnei, Rhachopea washburnensis

Ecology: epifaunal