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Thecachampsa antiquus Leidy 1852

PaleoDB taxon number: 377243

Alternative combinations: Crocodilus antiqua, Crocodylus antiquus, Thecachampsa antiqua

Synonyms: Crocodylus contusor Cope 1867 (no. 421057), Thecachampsa contusor Cope 1867 (no. 83332), Tomistoma lusitanica Antunes 1961 (no. 83335)

Full reference: J. Leidy. 1852. Description of a new species of crocodile from the Miocene of Virginia. Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 2(2):135-138

Belongs to Thecachampsa according to R. E. Weems 2018

Sister taxa: Thecachampsa carolinensis, Thecachampsa marylandica, Thecachampsa minor, Thecachampsa sericodon

Type specimens:

  • Thecachampsa antiquus: ANSP 9188 and 9189, a partial skeleton (2 teeth, 2 vertebrae, a rib fragment, and an ungual phalanx). Its type locality is Potomac River, Stratford Hall Plantation, which is in a Miocene marine horizon in the Choptank Formation of Virginia.
  • Thecachampsa contusor: ANSP 9152, a tooth. Its type locality is James T. Thomas estate, which is in a Langhian offshore shelf horizon in the Calvert Formation of Maryland.
  • Tomistoma lusitanica: Its type locality is Quinta da Farinheira, which is in a Langhian terrestrial claystone in Portugal.