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Tomiopsis plana Campbell 1960 (lamp shell)

Rhynchonellata - Spiriferida - Ingelarellidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 145803

Alternative combination: Ingelarella plana

Full reference: K.S.W. Campbell. 1960. The brachiopod genera Ingelarella and Notospirifer in the Permian of Queensland. Journal of Paleontology 34(6):1106-1123

Belongs to Tomiopsis according to J. B. Waterhouse 1983

Sister taxa: Tomiopsis atlanichus, Tomiopsis balgoensis, Tomiopsis bazardarensis, Tomiopsis confusus, Tomiopsis dissimilis, Tomiopsis globosa, Tomiopsis globosus, Tomiopsis hardmani, Tomiopsis harringtoni, Tomiopsis isbelliformis, Tomiopsis konincki, Tomiopsis mergensis, Tomiopsis notoplicatus, Tomiopsis oviformis, Tomiopsis ovulum, Tomiopsis pauciplicatus, Tomiopsis petrenkoi, Tomiopsis piersoni, Tomiopsis postglabra, Tomiopsis rarus, Tomiopsis regina, Tomiopsis siangensis, Tomiopsis taimyrensis, Tomiopsis woodwardi, Tomiopsis xinlinensis

Type specimen: UQ F15686, a shell (Articulated shell). Its type locality is Cattle Creek, near Consuelo Creek, Serocold Anticline, which is in an Artinskian marine shale in the Cattle Creek Formation of Australia.

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder

Average measurements (in mm): shell 30.6 x 50.5, valve 38.6 x 56.4