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Cryptoclidus eurymerus Phillips 1871 (plesiosaur)

Reptilia - Sauropterygia - Cryptoclididae

PaleoDB taxon number: 100112

Alternative combinations: Cimoliosaurus eumerus, Cimoliosaurus eurymerus, Cryptocleidus eurymerus, Plesiosaurus eurymerus

Synonyms: Apractocleidus teretipes Smellie 1915 (no. 171791), Cryptoclidus platymerus Seeley 1892 (no. 173854), Muraenosaurus (Cryptoclidus) platymerus Seeley 1892 (no. 171862), Plesiosaurus durobrivensis Seeley 1892 (no. 204331)

Full reference: J. Phillips. 1871. Geology of Oxford and the Valley of the Thames. Clarendon Press, Oxford 1-523

Belongs to Cryptoclidus according to Z. Gasparini et al. 2002

Sister taxa: Cryptocleidus cuervoi, Cryptoclidus richardsoni, Cryptoclidus vignalensis, Plesiosaurus oxfordiensis, Plesiosaurus oxoniensis

Type specimens:

  • Cryptoclidus eurymerus: CAMSM specimen (Holotype; Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge) probably lost; BMNH R2860 (neotype almost complete skeleton), a partial skeleton (forelimb and vertebrae). Its type locality is Bedford marine reptiles, which is in a Callovian marine horizon in the Oxford Clay Formation of the United Kingdom.
  • Apractocleidus teretipes: HMG (Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, UK) V1091, a skeleton (large portion of the skeleton of a fully adult individual). Its type locality is Peterborough area, Leeds Collection, which is in a Callovian offshore mudstone in the Oxford Clay Formation of the United Kingdom.
  • Cryptoclidus platymerus:
  • Plesiosaurus durobrivensis:

Ecology: aquatic carnivore