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Gegepterus changi Wang et al. 2007 (pterosaur)

Reptilia - Pterosauria

PaleoDB taxon number: 103982

Full reference: X. Wang, A. W. A. Kellner, Z. Zhou and D. A. Campos. 2007. A new pterosaur (Ctenochasmatidae, Archaeopterodactyloidea) from the Lower Cretaceous Yixian Formation of China. Cretaceous Research 28:245-260

Belongs to Gegepterus according to B. Andres et al. 2014

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: IVPP V11981, a partial skeleton (partial skeleton including skull, mandible and unidentifiable soft tissue). Its type locality is Sihetun, lower Yixian (general), which is in a Barremian/Aptian lacustrine shale/siltstone in the Yixian Formation of China.

Ecology: volant piscivore