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Semicassis Mörch 1852 (snail)

Gastropoda - Tonnoidea - Cassidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 10447

Alternative spellings: Cassidea (Semicassis), Cassis (Semicassis), Phalium (Semicassis)

Synonyms: Faurotis Jousseaume 1888 (no. 117852), Phalium (Tylocassis) Woodring 1928 (no. 159034), Semicassis (Tylocassis) Woodring 1928 (no. 116921), Tylocassis Woodring 1928 (no. 10640), Xenogalea Iredale 1927 (no. 10683), Xenophalium Iredale 1927 (no. 10684)

Parent taxon: Phaliinae according to A. G. Beu 2005

Sister taxa: Echinophoria, Kahua, Phalium

Subtaxa: Cassidea (Semicassis) calantica, Cassidea (Semicassis) mekranica, Cassidea (Semicassis) ormarensis, Phalium (Semicassis) louella, Phalium (Semicassis) miolaevigata, Phalium (Tylocassis) sulcosum, Semicassis (Antephalium), Semicassis (Semicassis), Semicassis (Tylocassis) maleaformis, Semicassis aldrichi, Semicassis angasi, Semicassis bisulcata, Semicassis centiquadrata, Semicassis deneseplicata, Semicassis faurotis, Semicassis granulata, Semicassis harpaeformis, Semicassis labiata, Semicassis monilifera, Semicassis oligocalantica, Semicassis ovulum, Semicassis pyrum, Semicassis pyshtensis, Semicassis reclusa, Semicassis sculpta, Semicassis senni

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Type: Cassis bisulcata

Ecology: epifaunal carnivore