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Hyolithellus vladimirovae Rozanov and Missarzhevsky 1966


PaleoDB taxon number: 104645

Full reference: A.Y. Rozanov and V.V. Missarzhevsky. 1966. Biostratigraphy and fauna of Lower Cambrian beds. Trudy Geoligske Institut Moscow 148:1-126

Belongs to Hyolithellus according to A. Y. Rozanov et al. 1969

Sister taxa: Hyolithellus decorus, Hyolithellus filiformis, Hyolithellus grandis, Hyolithellus insolitus, Hyolithellus isiticus, Hyolithellus micans, Hyolithellus papillatus, Hyolithellus rectus, Hyolithellus sinuosus, Hyolithellus tenuis, Hyolithellus vitricus, Rhabdochites scissus

Ecology: epifaunal