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Clade Eumuroida Steppan et al. 2004 (mouse)

Mammalia - Glires

PaleoDB taxon number: 104897

Full reference: S. J. Steppan, R. M. Adkins, and J. Anderson. 2004. Phylogeny and divergence-date estimates of rapid radiations in muroid rodents based on multiple nuclear genes. Systematic Biology 53(4):533-553

Parent taxon: Muroidea according to S. J. Steppan et al. 2004

Sister taxa: Cricetidae, Cricetopsinae, Eucricetodontidae, Heterocricetodontidae, Lophiomyinae, Myospalacinae, Platacanthomyinae, Pseudocricetodontidae, Spalacidae

Subtaxa: Calomyscidae, Muridae, Nesomyidae

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Ecology: scansorial insectivore