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Ctenodonta youngi Pojeta and Gilbert-Tomlinson 1977 (clam)

Bivalvia - Solemyida - Ctenodontidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 106473

Full reference: J. Pojeta and J. Gilbert-Tomlinson. 1977. Australian Ordovician pelecypod molluscs. Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics, Bulletin 174:1-64

Belongs to Ctenodonta according to J. Pojeta and J. Gilbert-Tomlinson 1977

Sister taxa: Ctenodonta (Tancrediopsis), Ctenodonta auburnensis, Ctenodonta bidorsata, Ctenodonta bodae, Ctenodonta bussacensis, Ctenodonta carpenteri, Ctenodonta chambliensis, Ctenodonta concinna, Ctenodonta corbuliformis, Ctenodonta coreanica, Ctenodonta dalecarlica, Ctenodonta deserta, Ctenodonta dotensis, Ctenodonta dubia, Ctenodonta dubiaformis, Ctenodonta escosurae, Ctenodonta fraterculus, Ctenodonta hyacinthensis, Ctenodonta iphigenia, Ctenodonta kallholniensis, Ctenodonta limbata, Ctenodonta logani, Ctenodonta longa, Ctenodonta macalesteri, Ctenodonta madisonensis, Ctenodonta myalta, Ctenodonta nasuta, Ctenodonta nasutaformis, Ctenodonta newtoni, Ctenodonta nipponica, Ctenodonta norvegica, Ctenodonta nuda, Ctenodonta obliqua, Ctenodonta oblongata, Ctenodonta parvidens, Ctenodonta peracuta, Ctenodonta perangulata, Ctenodonta placita, Ctenodonta pygmaea, Ctenodonta ribeiroi, Ctenodonta schmalenseei, Ctenodonta simulatrix, Ctenodonta spjeldnaesi, Ctenodonta striata, Ctenodonta subcircularis, Ctenodonta subnasuta, Ctenodonta tornquisti, Ctenodonta victoriae

Type specimen: CPC 15494, a shell. Its type locality is Locality 81. Rd 251*. 4 kilometers northwest of Bloodwood Bore, which is in a Darriwilian marine sandstone in the Stairway Formation of Australia.

Ecology: facultatively mobile infaunal deposit feeder-suspension feeder