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Pleurotoma cristata Conrad 1848 (turrid)

Gastropoda - Neogastropoda - Turridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 107960

Alternative combination: Cochlespira cristata

Full reference: T. A. Conrad. 1848. Observations on the Eocene formations, and descriptions of one hundred and five new fossils from that period, from the vicinity of Vicksburg, Mississippi; with an appendix. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 3:280-299

Belongs to Pleurotoma according to T. A. Conrad 1848

Sister taxa: Turris (Turris), Turris adendanii, Turris ahmedi, Turris andersoni, Turris baudoni, Turris burroensis, Turris carlsoni, Turris clallamensis, Turris cleopatrae, Turris elsmerensis, Turris fernandoensis, Turris garoensis, Turris gilchristi, Turris higoensis, Turris hornesi, Turris inconstans, Turris kaffraria, Turris kirkensis, Turris lincolnensis, Turris lincolnensis, Turris louderbacki, Turris monolifera, Turris multigyrata, Turris perkinsiana, Turris plicata, Turris pulchra, Turris suturalis, Turris worcesteri, Pleurotoma herklotsi, Pleurotoma dalli, Pleurotoma porrecta, Pleurotoma (Tripia), Pleurotoma scaliae, Pleurotoma congesta, Pleurotoma furcata, Pleurotoma lineolata, Pleurotoma angermanni, Pleurotoma ocoyana, Pleurotoma undata, Pleurotoma eborides, Pleurotoma inaudita, Pleurotoma perissolaxoides, Pleurotoma faxensis, Pleurotoma ickei, Pleurotoma catenata, Pleurotoma harpula, Pleurotoma curtistoma, Pleurotoma striarella, Pleurotoma multinoda, Pleurotoma gracilicostata, Pleurotoma abundans, Pleurotoma turris, Pleurotoma mississippiensis, Pleurotoma coronifer, Pleurotoma cochlearis, Pleurotoma speciosa, Pleurotoma haydeni, Pleurotoma (Dolichotoma), Pleurotoma morreni, Pleurotoma albinoides, Pleurotoma pannus, Pleurotoma catenata, Pleurotoma zapoteca, Pleurotoma decliva, Pleurotoma curvicosta, Pleurotoma clavicularis, Pleurotoma marginata, Pleurotoma denticulata, Pleurotoma sanctaecrucis, Pleurotoma voyi, Pleurotoma harrisi, Pleurotoma glabrata, Pleurotoma veracruzana, Pleurotoma fresnoensis, Pleurotoma turrella, Pleurotoma porcelana, Pleurotoma monterosatoi, Pleurotoma turricula, Pleurotoma rotaedens, Pleurotoma decussata, Pleurotoma (Pleurotoma), Pleurotoma sulcata, Pleurotoma transversaria, Pleurotoma transmontana, Pleurotoma nodulosa, Pleurotoma gemmata, Pleurotoma guppyana, Pleurotoma dentata, Pleurotoma newsomi, Pleurotoma filosa, Pleurotoma intorta, Pleurotoma inflexa, Pleurotoma senilis

Type specimen: Its type locality is Vicksburg, which is in a Rupelian marine marl in the Byram Marl Formation of Mississippi

Ecology: epifaunal carnivore