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Montipora delicatula Veron 2000 (stony coral)

Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Acroporidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 108268

Full reference: J.E.N. Veron. 2000. Corals of the World

Belongs to Montipora according to J.E.N. Veron 2000

Sister taxa: Montipora aequituberculata, Montipora altasepta, Montipora angulata, Montipora aspergillus, Montipora australiensis, Montipora cactus, Montipora calcarea, Montipora caliculata, Montipora capitata, Montipora capricornis, Montipora cebuensis, Montipora circumvallata, Montipora cocosensis, Montipora confusa, Montipora corbettensis, Montipora crassituberculata, Montipora cretacea, Montipora cryptus, Montipora danae, Montipora digitata, Montipora dilatata, Montipora dubiosa, Montipora echinata, Montipora efflorescens, Montipora effusa, Montipora elschneri, Montipora flabellata, Montipora florida, Montipora floweri, Montipora foliosa, Montipora foveolata, Montipora friabilis, Montipora gaimardi, Montipora gortanii, Montipora grandis, Montipora grisea, Montipora hemispherica, Montipora hirsuta, Montipora hispida, Montipora hodgsoni, Montipora hoffmeisteri, Montipora incrassata, Montipora informis, Montipora kellyi, Montipora lobulata, Montipora mactanensis, Montipora malampaya, Montipora meandrina, Montipora migatschevae, Montipora millepora, Montipora mollis, Montipora monasteriata, Montipora niugini, Montipora nodosa, Montipora orientalis, Montipora pachytuberculata, Montipora palawanensis, Montipora pandolfii, Montipora peltiformis, Montipora porites, Montipora samarensis, Montipora saudii, Montipora schencki, Montipora setosa, Montipora solida, Montipora spongiosa, Montipora spongodes, Montipora spumosa, Montipora stellata, Montipora stilosa, Montipora taiwanensis, Montipora teresea, Montipora tuberculosa, Montipora turgescens, Montipora turtlensis, Montipora undata, Montipora venosa, Montipora verrilli, Montipora verrucosa, Montipora verruculosus, Montipora vietnamensis, Montipora wilsonae

Ecology: stationary intermediate-level epifaunal photosymbiotic-suspension feeder