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Fenestella dargoensis Talent 1963 (bryozoan)

Stenolaemata - Fenestrida - Fenestellidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 110268

Full reference: J. A. Talent. 1963. The Devonian of the Mitchell and Wentworth Rivers. Geological Survey of Victoria Memoir 24:1-118

Belongs to Fenestella according to J. A. Talent 1963

Sister taxa: Fenestella affluensa, Fenestella akselensis, Fenestella alexinensis, Fenestella amplia, Fenestella angusta, Fenestella anodosa, Fenestella bendensis, Fenestella beschevenisformis, Fenestella biarmica, Fenestella borsiensis, Fenestella brachipora, Fenestella cacuminatis, Fenestella canthariformis, Fenestella capitanensis, Fenestella catagrapha, Fenestella changxingiana, Fenestella chapmani, Fenestella cibaria, Fenestella cincta, Fenestella clivosa, Fenestella columnaris, Fenestella concava, Fenestella cystica, Fenestella darvazensis, Fenestella disjecta, Fenestella dispersa, Fenestella distincta, Fenestella elegantissima, Fenestella enta, Fenestella firmior, Fenestella fossula, Fenestella frivola, Fenestella funicula, Fenestella gammata, Fenestella gracilis, Fenestella granularis, Fenestella gruntae, Fenestella guadalupensis, Fenestella hangchouensis, Fenestella hilli, Fenestella incelebris, Fenestella infraseptata, Fenestella intuberculata, Fenestella irrevocabilis, Fenestella jupiterensis, Fenestella kalaktashensis, Fenestella khasanensis, Fenestella komalarjuni, Fenestella kosomensis, Fenestella krachokensis, Fenestella kuloyensis, Fenestella lennardi, Fenestella macleayensis, Fenestella macronodata, Fenestella malchii, Fenestella markini, Fenestella media, Fenestella micropora, Fenestella microtuberculata, Fenestella mimica, Fenestella minutula, Fenestella monoseriata, Fenestella multipora, Fenestella neoforaminosa, Fenestella oklahomensis, Fenestella orientalis, Fenestella osbornei, Fenestella otae, Fenestella pamirensis, Fenestella plebeja, Fenestella plotnikovi, Fenestella polyporata, Fenestella popeana, Fenestella praerobusta, Fenestella pseudoneoconstans, Fenestella pseudorhomboidea, Fenestella pulcherrima, Fenestella pulchradorsalis, Fenestella quasipermulta, Fenestella quinquecella, Fenestella rectangularis, Fenestella reversicnotta, Fenestella rockhamptonensis, Fenestella roucheli, Fenestella rudisiformis, Fenestella ruidacarinata, Fenestella serratula, Fenestella simulatrix, Fenestella sinopermiana, Fenestella sparsinodata, Fenestella spinulifera, Fenestella springsurensis, Fenestella striolata, Fenestella subconstans, Fenestella sublaticrescens, Fenestella subrudis, Fenestella swaini, Fenestella texana, Fenestella thaiensis, Fenestella ussuriensis, Fenestella vadosa, Fenestella valentis, Fenestella varicosa, Fenestella veneris, Fenestella yarrolensis, Rhombofenestella, Rugofenestella

Type specimen: Its type locality is Loc. 74. Warrigal Bend, Mitchell River National Park, which is in a Pragian marine siltstone/claystone in the Tabberabbera Formation of Australia.

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder