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Ananias nodocostatus Hoare 1961 (snail)

Gastropoda - Eotomarioidea - Gosseletinidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 110626

Alternative combination: Glabrocingulum (Ananias) nodocostatus

Full reference: R. D. Hoare. 1961. Desmoinesian Brachiopoda and Mollusca from southwest Missouri. Missouri University Studies 36:1-262

Belongs to Ananias according to P. J. Wagner 2020

Sister taxa: Ananias alticonica, Ananias appeli, Ananias conglobata, Ananias guojiashanensis, Ananias labrectus, Ananias marcouiana, Ananias nana, Ananias nevadensis, Ananias ootomaria, Ananias permianus, Ananias talpaensis, Ananias weyeri, Glabrocingulum (Ananias) campbelli, Glabrocingulum (Ananias) laevilineata, Glabrocingulum (Ananias) regulocostata, Glabrocingulum (Ananias) seminudum, Glabrocingulum (Ananias) shikamai, Glabrocingulum (Ananias) tularosaensis, Glabrocingulum (Ananias) welleri

Type specimen: U. Missouri 13439, a shell. Its type locality is Loc. 10B. Waste banks of Pioneer mine, 1 mile southwest of Appleton City, which is in a Desmoinesian marine shale in the Cabaniss Formation of Missouri.

Ecology: epifaunal grazer

Average measurements (in mm): shell 5.20 x 5.10