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Stenozone Batten 1972 (snail)

Gastropoda - Eotomarioidea - Gosseletinidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 113799

Alternative spelling: Glabrocingulum (Stenozone)

Full reference: R. L. Batten. 1972. Permian gastropods and chitons from Perak, Malaysia. Part I. Chitons, bellerophontids, euomphalids and pleurotomarians. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 147:1-44

Parent taxon: Glabrocingulides according to P. J. Wagner 2017

Sister taxa: Abylea, Ananias, Glabrocingulum, Hypselentoma, Lacunospira, Nipponomaria, Pandospira, Plocostoma, Pseudobaylea, Spiraculinella, Walnichollsia, Woolnoughia

Subtaxa: Glabrocingulum (Stenozone) argentinus, Glabrocingulum (Stenozone) carlsbadensis, Glabrocingulum (Stenozone) johnstonei, Glabrocingulum (Stenozone) nodosuturala, Glabrocingulum (Stenozone) pleurotomariformis, Stenozone costatiformis, Stenozone elegans

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Type: Glabrocingulum (Stenozone) nodosuturala

Ecology: epifaunal grazer