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Strigosuchus licinus Simmons 1965 (archosaur)


PaleoDB taxon number: 118241

Full reference: D. J. Simmons. 1965. The non-therapsid reptiles of the Lufeng Basin, Yunnan, China. Fieldiana: Geology 15(1):1-93

Belongs to Archosauria according to Z. Luo and X.-C. Wu 1994

Sister taxa: Agrestipus, Avemetatarsalia, Avipes, Caenagnathiformes, Longisquamidae, Megalosaurus terquemi, Neoarchosauria, Palaeosauriscus, Parrishia, Parrishia mccreai, Picrodon, Pseudosuchia, Sikannisuchus, Smok, Strigosuchus, Thecodontia, Theropodomorpha

Type specimen: FMNH CUP 2082, a mandible. Its type locality is Tati, Lufeng (CUP), which is in a Sinemurian terrestrial horizon in the Lufeng Formation of China.