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Microchampsa scutata Young 1951 (crocodilian)

Reptilia - Loricata

PaleoDB taxon number: 118242

Full reference: C.-C. Young. 1951. The Lufeng saurischian fauna in China. Palaeontologia Sinica, New Series C 13:1-96

Belongs to Crocodyliformes according to Z. Luo and X.-C. Wu 1994

Sister taxa: Artzosuchidae, Entradasuchus, Gobiosuchidae, Gobiosuchus, Hoplosuchus, Karatausuchus, Kemkemia, Kemkemia auditorei, Krokolithidae, Mesoeucrocodylia, Metasuchia, Microchampsa, Platyognathus, Protosuchia, Protosuchidae, Protosuchus, Shantungosuchus, Shartegosuchidae, Sichuanosuchus, Zaraasuchus, Zosuchus

Type specimen: IVPP V87, a set of postcrania (Eleven vertebrae and associated osteoderms and ribs). Its type locality is Huangchiatien, Lufeng, which is in a Sinemurian terrestrial horizon in the Lufeng Formation of China.

Ecology: carnivore