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Masracetus Gingerich 2007 (whale)

Mammalia - Artiodactyla - Basilosauridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 118888

Full reference: P. D. Gingerich. 2007. Stromerius nidensis, New Archaeocete (Mammalia, Cetacea) From The Upper Eocene Qasr El-Sagha Formation, Fayum, Egypt. Contributions from the Museum of Paleontology, The University of Michigan 31(13):363-378

Parent taxon: Basilosauridae according to M. D. Uhen 2018

Sister taxa: Ancalecetus, Balaenoptera juddi, Basilosaurinae, Basilosaurus, Basiloterus, Berardiopsis miocaenus, Chrysocetus, Cynthiacetus, Dorudon, Dorudontinae, Ocucajea, Pachycetus, Pontogeneus, Pontogeneus brachyspondylus, Saghacetus, Stromeriinae, Stromerius, Sulaimanitherium, Supayacetus, Zygorhiza

Subtaxa: Masracetus markgrafi

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Ecology: scansorial insectivore