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Andemantastraea densisepta Beauvais 1988 (stony coral)

Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Andemantastraeidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 119366

Full reference: L. Beauvais. 1988. Jurassic corals and coral-bearing limestones of Thailand and Burma. CCOP Technical Bulletin 20:152-203

Belongs to Andemantastraea according to L. Beauvais 1988

Sister taxa: Andemantastraea dreyfussi, Andemantastraea gaultierensis, Andemantastraea michelini, Andemantastraea tongoboryensis

Type specimen: Its type locality is Ban Pu Khloe Khi, unit 7d, which is in an Aalenian reef, buildup or bioherm lime mudstone in the Pu Khloe Phi Formation of Myanmar

Ecology: stationary intermediate-level epifaunal microcarnivore-photosymbiotic