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Epistroboceras lesliense Niko and Mapes 2007 (nautiloid)

Cephalopoda - Nautilida - Trigonoceratidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 119561

Full reference: S. Niko and R. H. Mapes. 2007. Trigonoceratid nautilids from the Early Carboniferous Imo Formation of Arkansas, Midcontinent North America. Paleontological Research 11(3):293-303

Belongs to Epistroboceras according to S. Niko and R. H. Mapes 2007

Sister taxa: Epistroboceras chancharense, Epistroboceras gracile, Epistroboceras mangeri, Epistroboceras pitkinense, Epistroboceras texanum

Type specimen: OUZC 5225, a shell. Its type locality is Loc. 1. USGS 14369. Road cut on se side US 65, 0.8 km sw of Peyton Creek Bridge, which is in a Serpukhovian offshore grainstone/shale in the Imo Formation of Arkansas.

Ecology: nektobenthic carnivore