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†order Dendrocrinida Bather 1899 (Sea lily)

Crinoidea - Inadunata

PaleoDB taxon number: 123537

Alternative spelling: Dendrocrinoidea

Full reference: F. A. Bather. 1899. A phylogenetic classification of the Pelmatozoa. British Association for the Advancement of Science 916-923

Parent taxon: Cyathoformes according to D. F. Wright et al. 2017

Sister taxa: Apographiocrinoidea, Cromyocrinoidea, Cyathocrinida, Erisocrinacea, Poteriocrinina, Stellarocrinidae

Subtaxa: Aesiocrinidae, Blothrocrinidae, Bridgerocrinidae, Dendrocrinacea, Glossocrinacea, Glossocrinidae, Kraterocrinidae, Lophocrinoidea, Marsupitidae, Mastigocrinacea, Mastigocrinoidea, Merocrinacea, Pentaxocrinus, Pirasocrinacea, Pirasocrinoidea, Plicodendrocrinacea, Poteriocrinitidae, Rutkowskicrinidae, Scytalocrinacea, Scytalocrinoidea, Uintacrinidae

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Ecology: stationary upper-level epifaunal suspension feeder