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Paraplicatifera concentrica He and Shi 2008

PaleoDB taxon number: 364720

Alternative combinations: Gadikao concentrica, Spinomarginifera concentrica

Full reference: W. H. He and G. R. Shi. 2008. Taxonomic names, in A new brachiopod fauna from the Early to Middle Permian of southern Qinghai Province, northwest China. Journal of Paleontology 82(4):811-822

Belongs to Paraplicatifera according to S. Z. Shen et al. 2017

Sister taxa: Paraplicatifera regularis, Paraplicatifera sangzhiensis, Paraplicatifera thaica

Type specimen: D-1f-4 (China University of Geosciences, Wuhan). Its type locality is Danglangzhai D1, Member 1, which is in a Kungurian marine sandstone in the Gadikao Formation of China.

Average measurements (in mm): valve 13.6 x 18.1