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Lepidophloios Sternberg 1825

Lepidodendraceae - Lepidodendraceae

PaleoDB taxon number: 125634

Proposed for conservation against earlier taxonomic synonym, Yuccites Martius (1822), by Doweld (in Taxon 62: 839. 2013).

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Synonym: Lepidofloyos Sternberg 1825 [replaced name] (taxon 410365)

Parent taxon: Lepidodendraceae according to D. L. Dilcher et al. 2005

Sister taxa: Aspidiopsis, Bergeria, Lepidodendron, Lepidophylloides, Lepidostrobophyllum, Lepidostrobus, Lychnophorites, Phillipsia

Subtaxa: Lepidofloyos laricinum, Lepidophloios laricinus

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Type: Lepidofloyos laricinum