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Spirelytha stepanoviana Archbold and Thomas 1984 (lamp shell)

Rhynchonellata - Spiriferida - Elythidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 126446

Full reference: N. W. Archbold and G. A. Thomas. 1984. Permian Elythidae (Brachiopoda) from Western Australia. Alcheringa 8:311-326

Belongs to Spirelytha according to N. W. Archbold and G. A. Thomas 1984

Sister taxa: Spirelytha borealis, Spirelytha buravasi, Spirelytha fredericksi, Spirelytha grandis, Spirelytha kashirtsevi, Spirelytha kislakovi, Spirelytha magna, Spirelytha miloradovichi, Spirelytha pavlovae, Spirelytha petaliformis, Spirelytha sheii

Type specimen: UWA 88134, a shell (Internal mould of conjoined shell and external mould of dorsal valve). Its type locality is UWA L11, Wandagee Hill, Nalbia Paddock, which is in a Roadian coastal sandstone in the Coolkilya Formation of Australia.

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder

Average measurements (in mm): shell 7.33 x 8.87, valve 5.80 x 6.81