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Adamsoceras Flower 1957 (mollusk)

Cephalopoda - Actinocerida

PaleoDB taxon number: 12658

Full reference: R. H. Flower. 1957. The Ordovician Development of the Actinoceratida, with notes on Actinoceroid Morphology and Ordovician Stratigraphy. State Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Memoir 2:1-59

Parent taxon: Actinocerida according to R. H. Flower 1957

Sister taxa: Actinoceratidae, Aluveroceras, Armenoceratidae, Astoceras, Calhounoceras, Carbactinoceratidae, Eldroceras, Eushantungoceras, Georginidae, Gonioceratidae, Hopeioceras, Huroniidae, Jeholoceras, Kobyashiceras, Meitanoceras, Mesaktoceras, Metactinoceras, Ormoceratidae, Parahelenites, Polydesmiidae, Sactoceras, Subtofangoceras, Wutinoceratidae, Zerashanoceras

Subtaxa: Adamsoceras holmi, Adamsoceras isabelae

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Type: Adamsoceras isabelae

Ecology: nektobenthic carnivore